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Treading a fine line between business and pleasure, the star-crossed love affair in The Sunday Arrangement embraces a heady mix of family secrets, risk-taking and erotica.


Lucy Smith

Lucy Smith is a thirty something US born writer of erotica, whose debut novel The Sunday Arrangement has been released.

Kindle version available to download on Amazon and Amazon UK

Paperback also available from Amazon and Amazon UK.



The Sunday Arrangement by Lucy Smith

The Sunday Arrangement

Lauren Hart is an ambitious businesswoman hell-bent on taking over her father’s company. But when a merger with former rivals precipitates the creation of a groundbreaking Las Vegas casino, Lauren’s passion for business is diverted to an entirely new preoccupation.

Pierce Maverick, the man Lauren has long considered her nemesis, is forced to work side-by-side with the Hart heir. It’s only once Maverick unleashes the ravenous beast inside Lauren that she begins to see him in a new light, and the two come to know pleasure beyond their wildest imaginings within the boundaries of their secret Sunday Arrangement.

Of course, things are not all they seem. Behind the distortion of backstabbing, blackmail and betrayal, pleasure comes at a price. The price Lauren may have to pay could destroy everything she’s spent her life building – as well as a relationship she’s only just begun to comprehend.


Raise the Stakes by Lucy Smith

Raise the Stakes

Blackmail and passion collide, as the star-crossed lovers in Raise The Stakes fight to protect their darkest secrets in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Former rivals, Lauren Hart and Pierce Maverick, mixed business with pleasure exploring their fantasies in The Sunday Arrangement. But Pierce’s assistant, April Garcia, threatened to destabilize their world by exposing more than just their scandalous sexual antics.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” April now warns the star-crossed couple. For a month the forbidden lovers conspire to be together, and the illicit affair proves even more erotic as the pair take increasing risks to indulge their secret passion. April’s ultimatum has unwittingly raised the stakes as three powerful families clash in a hostile world of blackmail, intimidation and revenge in a race for the altar.

Kindle version is now available on Amazon and Amazon UK